" Hettinger Becomes Fourth Driver this Season to Sweep Twins "

Other Winners:
Limited - Michael Bumgarner, Street - Trey Buff , Renegades - Brandon Hasson , Super Trucks - Ricky Dennie

May 21st, 2022

America's Most Famous Short Track, Hickory Motor Speedway, would be the scene for some great racing on Saturday night. Bumgarner Oil Military Appreciation Night would showcase a rousing patriotic tribute to all of our military and Emergency Personnel, while bringing a full slate of door banging action.

The NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Models would lead of the evening's festivities with the first of their twin 40 lap features. Katie Hettinger in the #71 would pace qualifying and start from the pole position with Jonathan Shafer in the #91 to his outside. Landon Huffman in the #75 and Jeff Sparks in the #7s would make up row two for the start. As the green flag waved and the leaders roared off into turn one, the #15 of Bryson Dennis would spin with heavy damage to front end as the #99 of Kyle Mansch would not come up to speed on the start with a mechanical failure. The field would reset for a complete restart with Hettinger and Shafer bringing the field back to the green flag. Hettinger would nose ahead to the lead as Hettinger and Shafer came to the start finish line to complete lap one. Huffman would look under Shafer to take the second position. Huffman would move to second after several laps of side by side racing. Shafer would stay glued to Huffman's bumper and look for his chance to regain the spot. Shafer would move back to the second spot on lap 17 with Huffman close behind. The halfway point would see Hettinger, Shafer, Huffman, Charlie Watson in the #9, and Isabella Robusto in the #55 as the top five. The battle for the 7 th position would be furious between the #27 of Matthew Gould, the #17 of Skyler Chaney, the #7 of Zach Lightfoot, and the #12 of Annabeth Barnes-Crum working for the position. Hettinger would finish the race as strong as she started and take the victory. Shafer would take 2nd and Huffman would grab 3rd. Watson would finish 4th and Robusto would come home with a top five in 5th.

Next up would see the Heritage Finance Street Stocks for their 30 lap feature. Jeff Byers in the #64 would start from the top spot with Johnny Reynolds in the #55 to his outside. Trey Buff in the #48 would bring out his backup car after having mechanical issues in practice and start inside the #9 of Jon Austin in row two. Byers and Reynolds would go door to door for several laps until Byers would move to the lead. Buff would move to second with Reynolds close in his tire tracks in third. Contact on lap 10 would send Buff spinning and the caution flying. Byers and Austin would lead the field back to the green flag. Byers would nose ahead with Austin facing a challenge from the hard charging Buff. Buff would take second and quickly make a bid for the lead. Buff would make the pass for the top spot and be followed by Reynolds to second. Buff would drive on to take his first Heritage Finance Street Stock victory. Reynolds would finish 2nd, Byers would take 3rd, and Austin would come home 4th.

50 laps and Round #4 of the Paramount Kia “BIG 10” Racing Challenge for the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models would be up next. Michael Bumgarner in the #97 would pace qualifying and start from the top spot with Graham Hollar in the #25 to his outside. Tristan McKee in the #7 and Christopher Martin Jr in the #12 would make up row two. Bumgarner would pull to the lead with Hollar close in tow. Lap 10 would see Hollar slow on the track and come to pit road with mechanical issues. The #14 of Akinori Ogata, the #99 of Sawyer Frady, and the #15 of Michael Aldred would all be racing for every foot for the sixth position. The #9 of Charlie Watson would pull to the pits and end his night prematurely. As Watson pulled to the pits, the three car battle with Aldred, Ogata, and Frady would become the battle for fifth. Bumgarner would prove too strong on the night as he would drive on to the win. McKee would take 2nd with Max Price in the #22 grabbing 3rd. Colby Gibson in the #2 would finish 4th and Aldred would come home in 5th.

Rolling off next would be the Super Trucks for 35 laps. Ricky Dennie in the #6 would start from the pole position with the #65 of Josh Goble to his outside. The #30 of Joey Shuryan and the #17 of Duane Cook would line up in row two. Dennie would nose ahead of Goble for the top spot as they completed lap one. Shuryan would pressure Goble for second for several laps. Contact on lap 10 would send Goble spinning in turn three and Shuryan coming to a stop. The restart would see Dennie and Cook leading the field to the green. Dennie would pull to the lead with Cook running second. Shuryan would drive to Cook's bumper and move to second on lap 23. Dennie would drive on to take the win. Shuryan would finish 2nd while Cook would take 3rd. Goble would finish 4th and Baron Kuritzky in the #21 would come home in 5th.

The Renegades would roll off next for 20 tire spinning laps of action. The #51 of Charlie Neill would top qualifying and start from the top spot with Danny Crump Jr in the #97 to his outside. The second row would be a father-son reunion with David Hasson in the #83 and his son Brandon Hasson in the #82 side by side for the start. Neill would pull to the early lead as Crump's car would not come to speed quickly and have the cars of Brandon Hasson and the #1 of Justin Austin move around him. Lap 5 would see Crump move around Austin for third. Brandon Hasson would challenge Austin for fourth. Austin and Hasson would a spirited sideways battle for the spot over several laps. The caution would fly on lap 17 as the #69 of Kaylee Austin would come to a stop on the backstretch. The restart would see Neill and Brandon Hasson bring the field back to the restart. As Neill would take the green flag his car would slow and see David Hasson and Brandon Hasson pass to the outside. Brandon Hasson would move to David Hasson's inside as the father son duo would take the white flag. Brandon Hasson would win the race back around for his first checkered flag at Hickory Motor Speedway. David Hasson would grab 2nd while Crump would take 3rd. Zachary Mullins in the #72 would overcome mechanical issues to finish 4th and Matthew Chambers in the #81 would come home in 5th.

After a 10 car invert from the finishing order of race one, Annabeth Barnes-Crum in the #12 and Zach Lightfoot in the #7 would make up row one. Row two would be made up of Matthew Gould in the #27 and Skyler Chaney in the #17. Barnes-Crum would take the lead coming off of turn two while Lightfoot would face a challenge from Gould. Gould would move to second as Lightfoot would face the challenges from Chaney and the #7s of Jeff Sparks. As those three would battle Charlie Watson in the #9 would come roaring into the battle for third. Gould would pull to the bumper of Barnes-Crum and challenge for the top spot. Lap 10 would see first race winner Katie Hettinger in the #71 moving up to through the field. As Gould and Barnes-Crum would battle for the top spot Watson and Hettinger would pull in to the mix. Lap 22 would see Hettinger pull around Watson and Barnes-Crum to take the lead, from her tenth place starting position. Watson would clear Barnes-Crum for second on lap 27. Chaney would work up to the bumper of Barnes-Crum, hoping to make the pass for a podium finish. Hettinger would drive on to take win, sweeping both races for the night. Watson would grab 2nd with Chaney winning the 3rd place battle. Barnes-Crum would finish 4th and Gould would come home in 5th.

Next week, May 28th, the Southeast Super Trucks come to town with a full slate of racing action.

In two weeks on June 4th the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series returns to action at the Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars.

Coming up on June 11th Hickory Motor Speedway will start a new and very well deserved tradition with inaugural running of the Jack Ingram Memorial 111. A multitude of special guests will be on hand for an autograph session and to honor NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Jack Ingram. This will be one you don't want to miss.


Official Hickory Motor Speedway Results 5/21/22


Late Model – Twin Race #1

1  #71 – Katie Hettinger

2  #91 – Jonathan Shafer

3  #75 – Landon Huffman

4  #9 – Charlie Watson

5  #55 – Isabella Robusto

6  #7 – Jeff Sparks

7  #17 – Skyler Chaney ( r )

8  #27 – Matthew Gould

9  #7 – Zach Lightfoot

10  #12 – Annabeth Barnes Crum

11  #34 – Pat Rachels

12  #24 – Bryson Ruff

13  #99 – Kyle Mansch

14  #15 – Bryson Dennis

Late Model – Twin Race #2

1  #71 – Katie Hettinger

2  #9 – Charlie Watson

3  #17 – Skyler Chaney ( r )

4  #12 – Annabeth Barnes Crum

5  #27 – Matthew Gould

6  #75 – Landon Huffman

7  #91 – Jonathan Shafer

8  #24 – Bryson Ruff

9  #7 – Jeff Sparks

10  #55 – Isabella Robusto

11  #34 – Pat Rachels

12  #7 – Zach Lightfoot

13  #15 – Bryson Dennis

14  #99 – Kyle Mansch - DNS

Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Model

1  #97 – Michael Bumgarner

2  #7 – Tristan McKee

3  #22 – Max Price

4  #2 – Colby Gibson

5  #15 – William Aldred

6  #5 – Trey Canipe

7  #12 – Christopher Martin Jr.

8  #14 – Akinori Ogata

9  #43 – Kenneth Pardue

10  #99 – Sawyer Frady

11  #9 – Charlie Watson

12  #42 – Ricky Bruce

13  #25 – Graham Hollar

14  #13 – Mark Johnson - DNS

Heritage Finance Company Street Stocks

1  #48 – Trey Buff

2  #55 – Johnny Reynolds

3  #64 – Jeff Byers

4  #9 – Jon Austin


1  #82 – Brandon Hasson

2  #83 – David Hasson

3  #97 – Danny Crump Jr.

4  #72 – Zachary Mullins

5 #81 – Matthew Chambers

6  #51 – Charlie Neill

7  #1 – Justin Austin

8  #69 – Kaylee Austin

Super Trucks

1  #6 – Ricky Dennie

2  #30 – Joey Shuryan

3  #17 – Duane Cook

4  #65 – Josh Goble

5  #21 – Baron Kuritzky