" Layne Riggs Doubles Up and Wins Twin 40 Lap Late Model Stock "

Other Winners:
Limited - Akinori Ogata, Street - Jeff Byers , Renegades - Charlie Neill , 4 Cylinders - Tim Canipe

May 7th, 2022

Row two would see Landon Pembelton in the #0 and fan favorite Katie Hettinger in the #71 side by side for the start. Riggs would move to the lead with Wilson in second. Pembelton would challenge Wilson and make the pass for second. The caution would fly on lap 12 for debris on the track. Riggs and Pembelton would bring the field back to the green flag. Riggs would pull back to the top spot with Pembleton giving chase. Matthew Gould in the #27 would pressure Hettinger on the high side for fourth as Charlie Watson in the #7 would look to her inside. Hettinger would think better of being the inside car in a three wide battle and file in behind Gould and Watson. Watson would make the pass on Gould for fourth and bring Thomas Beane in the #28 to fifth. The halfway point would see Riggs, Pembleton, Wilson, Watson, and Beane as the top five. Wilson would face a challenge for third as Watson would move around and take the spot. Lap 28 would see the caution fly as the #9 of Sam Rohrbaugh would spin in turn two. Riggs and Pembelton would lead the field back to the restart. Riggs would again move to the lead with Pembelton facing a challenge from Watson and Beane for position. Watson would take second with Pembleton and Beane nose to tail behind him. Riggs would drive on to take his first ever Hickory Motor Speedway victory. Watson would finish 2nd with Pembelton taking 3rd. Beane would grab 4th and Wilson would come home in 5th.

The Heritage Finance Street Stocks would pound the pavement next for their 30 lap race. Ethan Johnson in the #2 would top time trials and start from the point with Jeff Byers in the #64 to his outside. Kyle Boice in the #73 and DJ Little in the #11 would make up row two for the green flag. Johnson would pull to the early lead with Boice moving around Byers for second. Little would move around Boice for second on lap 3. Little would catch Johnson at the halfway point as the two would prepare to battle for the top spot. Little would make the pass and the lead on lap 19. Lap 21 would see the leaders tangle in turn four and culminate in a spin involving Little and Johnson in turn one. The restart would see Boice and the #9 of Jon Austin lead the field to the green flag. Boice would pull to the lead with Byers moving around Austin for second. Lap 24 would see Little spin on the front stretch and the caution would wave again. Boice and Byers would bring the field to the restart. Boice would pull to the lead and slow on the backstretch. At the same time Little and Johnson would make contact in turn two and bring out another caution. Byers and Austin would bring the field to the green flag. Byers would move to the lead and drive on to grab his first Hickory Motor Speedway win. Austin would take 2nd with Boice finishing 3rd and Johnson would take 4th.

Next up would see the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models line up for their 35 lap feature. Matt Leicht in the #12 would pace qualifying and start from the pole position with Michael Bumgarner in the #97 to his outside. Row two would be made up of Graham Hollar in the #25 and Akinori Ogata in the #14. Leicht would move to the early lead with Bumgarner close behind in second. Ogata would pull to Bumgarner's bumper looking for second position. Tristan McKee in the #7 and the #47 of Chase Janes would be having a spirited, but clean, battle for fifth. After taking fifth from Janes, McKee would challenge Hollar for fourth and also move to that position. Lap 16 would see Ogata make the pass on Bumgarner for second. Leicht would have a nice lead, but after setting a blistering pace he would have issues navigating the lap traffic. This would allow Ogata to drive to Leicht's bumper and challenge for the top spot. Ogata would make the pass for the lead with just ten laps to go. Ogata would drive on to take the victory, his third on the young season. Leicht would finish 2nd with Bumgarner taking 3rd. McKee would grab 4th and Hollar would come home 5th.

The 4-Cylinders would hit the track next for 25 laps. Tim Canipe in the #10 would start from the top spot with Robert Trivette in the #11 to his outside. Curtis Pardue in the #17 and Brian Mundy in the #6 would make up row two for the start. Canipe would pull to the early lead with Robert Trivette giving chase. Pardue would settle into third with Mundy in fourth. Canipe, Robert Trivette, Pardue, Mundy, and Rodney Trivette would be the top ten at the halfway point. Mundy would move around Pardue for fourth on lap 11. Canipe would drive on to take the win. Robert Trivette would finish 2nd and Mundy would take 3rd. Pardue would grab 4th and Rodney Trivette would finish 5th.

The Renegades would roll off next for 20 laps of sideways action. Charlie Neill in the #51 would pace time trials and start from the point with David Hasson in the #83 to his outside. Brandon Hasson in the #82 and Daniel Knight in the #14 would make up row two for the start. Neill would move to the early lead with David Hasson trailing close behind in second and Brandon Hasson pressuring both for position. Danny Crump Jr in the #97 would move to fourth around Justin Austin in the #4. The top five at halfway would be Neill, David Hasson, Brandon Hasson, Crump, and Austin. Neill would prove too tough as he would take the win. David Hasson would take 2nd and his son Brandon Hasson would finish 3rd. Crump would grab 4th and Austin would come home in 5th.

The NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Models would close out the night's festivities with their final 40 lap feature. After a 10 car invert from the finishing order of race one, Bryson Ruff in the #24 and Landon Huffman in the #71 would make up row one for the start. Row two would be made up of Matthew Gould in the #27 and Isabella Robusto in the #55. Ruff and Huffman would battle door to door to complete lap one when Huffman would pull to the lead. Gould and Robusto would take Ruff three wide down the front stretch. Gould would move to second with Robusto following to third. Thomas Beane in the #28 and Katie Hettinger in the #71 would move to third and fourth respectively. Ryan Wilson in the #2 would challenge Hettinger for fifth until he would slow and come to pit road. Lap 10 would see Beane work his way around Robusto for third. Hettinger would follow and move around Robusto for fourth two laps later. Beane would look to the inside of Gould for second place as they would battle door to door for several laps. The caution would fly on lap 17 as contact between Gould and Beane would cause a multi-car incident with Beane backed into the turn 4 concrete wall. Watson and Hettinger would spin in the incident, but avoid major damage. The restart would see Huffman's lead evaporate as he would start to the outside of first race winner Layne Riggs in the #99. Riggs would pull to the lead around Huffman coming off of turn two. Jaiden Reyna in the #19 would move to third place on the track. The #34 of Lavar Scott would pressure Skyler Chaney in the #17 for fourth position. Chaney would hold on to the spot as Scott would face pressure from Ruff. Riggs would prove too strong on the night as he would drive on to sweep the twin 40 lap features. Huffman would take 2nd and Reyna would finish 3rd. Chaney would grab 4th and Scott would come home in 5th.

The Tour of Destruction will roll into town next Friday and Saturday with two full nights of metal mayhem and chaotic carnage on Friday and Saturday.

The NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series returns to action in two weeks on May 21 with Bumgarner Oil Military Appreciation Night.

Official Hickory Motor Speedway Results 5/7/22

Late Model Twin Race #1

1  #99 Layne Riggs

2  #7 Charlie Watson

3  #0 Landon Pembelton

4  #28 Thomas Beane

5  #2 Ryan Wilson

6  #71 Katie Hettinger

7  #55 Isabella Robusto

8 #27 Matthew Gould

9  #71 Landon Huffman

10  #24 Bryson Ruff

11  #34 Lavar Scott

12  #17 Skyler Chaney ( r )

13  #19 Jaiden Reyna

14 #9 Sam Rohrbaugh

15 #12 Annabeth Barnes Crum

16  #2 Gracie Trotter

Late Model Twin Race #2

1 #99 Layne Riggs

2 #71 Landon Huffman

3  #19 Jaiden Reyna

4  #17 Skyler Chaney ( r )

5  #24 Bryson Ruff

6  #34 Lavar Scott

7 #55 Isabella Robusto

8  #71 Katie Hettinger

9  #7 Charlie Watson

10  #27 Matthew Gould

11  #12 Annabeth Barnes Crum

12  #9 Sam Rohrbaugh

13  #28 Thomas Beane

14 #0 Landon Pembelton

15  #2 Ryan Wilson

16 #2 Gracie Trotter

Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Model

1  #14 Akinori Ogata

2  #12 Matt Leicht

3  #97 Michael Bumgarner

4 #7 Tristan McKee

5  #25 Graham Hollar

6  #47 Chase Janes

7  #2 Colby Gibson

8  #51 Chris Chapman

9 #66 Zack Wells

10  #71 Nathan Lineback

11  #62 Peanut Waller

12  #8 AJ Waller

13  #5 Toni Breidinger

14  #42 Ricky Bruce

Heritage Finance Company Street Stocks

1  #61 Jeff Byers

2  #9 Jon Austin

3  #73 Kyle Boice

4  #2 Ethan Johnson

5  #11 DJ Little ( r ) - DQ

4 Cylinders

1  #10 Tim Canipe

2 #11 Robbie Trivette

3  #6 Brian Mundy

4  #17 Curtis Pardue

5  #6 Rodney Trivette


1  #51 Charlie Neill

2  #82 Brandon Hasson

3  #83 David Hasson

4  #97 Danny Crump Jr.

5  #4 Justin Austin

6 #14 Daniel Knight

7 #72 Zach Mullins

8  #69 Ben Campbell

9  #81 Matthew Chambers